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Gypsum Rock​

Gypsum rock is the main raw material from which the gypsum plaster is made. Gypsum rock is find in the nature as gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O), anhydride (gypsum rock without water (CaSo4)), and selenite, bassanit, alabaster – is CaSO4 component composed of Ca++, SO4- ions’ components and containing water or without water in its crystals depending on formation environment.

Gypsum rocks are used in different forms and industry areas depending on their crystal structure, but in this article we will talk about a component CaSO4.2H2O called as gypsum and having 2 molecules of water in its crystals.

The used purce gypsum rock (CaSO4.2H2O) has, theoretically, 32.5% of CaO, 46.6% of SO3 and 20.9% of crystal water.

Production Of Plasters From Gypsum

The most suitable of gypsum rock minerals found in nature is gypsum. As gypsum can easily be dehydrated under heat effect (looses water in its crystals), gypsum is economical and advantageous.

Although stated in many sources that obtaining gypsum powder from gypsum rock by heating fine grinded mineral under 120-160 centigrade degrees, but in real life it is NOT true. To produce High Quality gypsum powder many instruments should be used together in fine coordination.

Theoretically; Gypsum powder is obtained by CaSO4.2H2O + heat <—> CaSO4.1/2 H2O + 3/2 H2O reaction.

This rection is reversable, and when it is treated with water can absorb 3/2 of water that it lost and becomes hardened.

As it had been mentioned above, although its theoretically expressed like this, matters that determine quality of gypsum production are instruments like temperature, vacuum, speed, time and etc must be studied well and running of them synchronously of them based on experience.

These instruments if not used correctly phase balance of gypsum is changed, quality of gypsum will be degraded towards anhydrite (gypsum without water), bonding structure of gypsum weakens, strength and adherence decrease and when applied to a wall there appears cracks and molders.

“Production Recipe is not a Copy&Paste process.  Each recipe need to be developed and improved strongly according to your local conditions.  For detailed discussions about our services and supports that will assure added value, thanks to our experience in gypsum and plasterboard production, to your business and strengthen your position in the market, please contact us!”

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