Types Of Plasterboards

Type A Gypsum Boards

It is the most common used and widely produced type of gypsum board.

Type H Gypsum Boards (Moisture Resistant)

These types of gypsum boards are produced with special additives to reduce water absorption ratio and are classified as H1, H2, H3.

Type F gypsum boards

Fire resistant gypsum boards with improved cohesion against high temperature core on front surface of which gypsum can be applied and used also for decorative purposes.

“Production Recipe is not a Copy&Paste process.  Each recipe need to be developed and improved strongly according to your local conditions.  For detailed discussions about our services and supports that will assure added value, thanks to our experience in gypsum and plasterboard production, to your business and strengthen your position in the market, please contact us!”

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Our team consists of experts who have worked in the gypsum industry for many years as senior management, process expertise in gypsum calcination, plaster mixes and plasterboard production, and production chief positions.

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In addition to being one of the first teams that produced lightweight plasterboards in Turkey, our team has increased the capacity in the factories where it works, made improvements in product quality, made the loss-making factories profit, and our team provided regular and economical production in your existing facility and strengthened your place in the market by improving product quality and is always ready to be with you to ensure satisfaction.

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